The National Rally

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George Square Glasgow

2nd November 2019




The band were delighted to be asked to open the National Rally where our First Minister was addressing the Yes family for the first time.



The short notice made it difficult to impossible for some of the band to attend , work, travel problems and other long standing arrangements stopped some players getting there, and needless to say they were gutted. However we did manage to get a dozen pipers, 5 drummers, 10 band assistants and a dog to the square in time.


The enormity of the occasion wasn’t lost on any of the band – who are not immune to cataloging their own personal Independence journies with a few selfies … JR caught in the act here




Although at face value things may have appeared to run like clockwork, behind the scenes plenty was going wrong !

The day started badly when the van carrying the bands drums broke down in Stirling (sadly it now needs a new engine). So lots of scrambling about was needed to rescue the drum corp who were having a tough enough day with an unusual bass-less line up – they are good but less than impressive without actual drums.



The pressure got too much for our only tenor drummer who had to be forceably removed from the pub !






Standing facing a huge bank of cameras was daunting enough for the band, but add in the huge expectant crowd and the nerves started to show. The only band member who cracked under the pressure was Sheldon, who disgraced himself despite being walked for hours in the morning.

Thanks to our long suffering band assistants the evidence was quickly removed and the band played on !



The band were delighted to help out a lovely gentlemen who just wanted a photo…. a very special photo. He had a Lion Rampant flag made in 1898 which it was an honour for the band to pose with.

Sadly in the excitement nobody got the gentleman’s name so if anybody knows him please let us know!




After all the speakers had left the band gave a wee impromptu recital in the middle of the square …. well some of them did. However they couldnt find the support team to get into the vehicle where the kit was being stored .




Some teamwork was required –  one drum between 2 !




It goes without saying that it was a fabulous day, and will live in our memories for a very long time. However some thank yous are very much required.

Firstly thanks to The National for giving us the opportunity to play at such an historic event.

Thanks to Pauline for jumping in her car and bringing the drums – it would have been a very different day without them !

Yes Ross Sutherland once again showed incredible generosity transporting 6 of the band from the far north on their Yes bus – we couldnt get to as many events without your help and support

The Yes Stones Cairn for their very generous donation

And of course the Yes family in the crowd who always make us feel so welcome and appreciated .

You can browse through the photo gallery of the event at


The Pipe band of the Scottish Independence Yes Movement

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