Thank You Inverness !

A spectacular day in the Highland Capital

What can you say about a wonderful day out in beautiful sunshine, strolling through the heart of the Highlands with several thousand fellow yessers?  It was breathtaking. It was a buzz. It was incredible. It was full of joy and laughter and children and music. And it sent a very clear message that there most definitely is an appetite for Independence in the North.

This was a first for us. A march organised by a group of dedicated locals. Understanding that not everyone can travel hundreds of miles to attend the big marches which are usually several hours away down the A9,  for a variety of reasons, this team had a dream to bring the march to the people. It was a gamble, but boy did it pay off.  The Indy family rallied round and gave them their full support. This march had everything you’d expect at the big mega marches …. the roar of the Yes Bikers, the dignity of the Silent Clansman, the Cairn of the Yes Stoners etc … and us. It was also supported by our local politicians , including the leader of the SNP at Westminster Ian Blackford and Inverness MP Drew Hendry. And better yet, in Inverness, in January the sun shone down on us all for the whole day. Add to that, the estimated 12000 marches who took part, flags flying, whistles blowing and press teams from all around the globe, this march even made it onto the BBC news.

As usual our intrepid team of band assistants came from all over the country to make sure the band could play without worrying about any practical details.

But as you’d expect, the relaxed family friendly atmosphere meant there were not too many demands on them so they had time for a wee dance while the band warmed up.


Despite it being Burns day and a lot of our pipers having previous commitments to play at various events round the county we managed to put out a reasonable size band.  A special mention for JR and his wife who made the trip and then dashed off as he was booked to play in Edinburgh that night !  As usual our team came from all over, from the Borders to Glasgow, Oban to Falkirk and of course our “local” members who were delighted for a change not to be the ones doing the early start !


The only thing that confuses me about the day is the counter demonstration.

We’re all used to marching past a few unionists with flags – but does anybody now what the gnome costumes are all about ? They certainly made me smile



The beauty of a windy day is the flags fly and make a fabulous backdrop to the photos – so check out our gallery of pictures from the day at 

It was an honour, a joy and a privilege for us to lead this march – days like this are the very reason we were formed and the reason we exist …  to join the Yes family marching on the road to Independence

This was everything a March should be. The organising team really cant be praised and thanked enough. They thought of everything and brought the local community along with them. Local businesses offered discounts to Yessers, arranged entertainment for them and embraced the influx of visitors to the area. Rather than march and run, people were encouraged to enjoy our beautiful city and actually taste a wee bit of our history, our culture and our people. Imagine that being replicated all across Scotland.

If any local groups across Scotland are inspired to try and replicate this wonderful event in your own area and would like us to support you please get in touch – we cant promise to attend every event, but we’ll try our best.

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