Remembering Friends and Loved Ones

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We are all very aware that the fight for Scottish Independence has been going on for a very long time.

Many loyal campaigners and supporters have very sadly not lived long enough to see our beautiful country regain her freedom. We know they march with us in spirit, we know most of us have somebody we carry with us in our hearts every day. When news that a band supporters mother had passed , the idea was born for the band to play a tune in her memory. One of our pipers suggested that we could maybe extend the tribute to include more friends and loved ones who would be marching with us if they could. When the idea was floated on our facebook page we were overwhelmed by the interest – and quickly collected a list of over a hundred names of people who needed to be remembered.

Before we took part in the March in Glasgow we took some time out to play “Freedom Come all Ye” by the Stewart Memorial Fountain in Kelvingrove Park, whilst our lead piper Alasdair read out the list of names of your lost loved ones.

We hope our heartfelt tribute brought some kind of comfort to those of you grieving, and went some way to show how much we appreciate your support as we keep marching on the road to independence.

Given the apparent popularity of this tribute we will be doing it again some time in the future (perhaps not at every event, but we will do it).

If you would like any of your loved ones remembering during a future tribute, please keep an eye on our facebook page as that’s where we will ask for names.

It was a great honour for us to be able to do this and getting feedback on how much it meant to the families has been both moving and humbling.


You can see all the photos of the whole day (including the march) in our gallery at

  1. Hi, I would love to add my partners name to be remembered I lost ian in August 24th last yr his name is Ian Hamilton this would mean so much to me ifhis name could get added
    Many Thanks Lorraine King

    1. So sorry for your loss Lorraine. Please keep an eye on our facebook page. When we start planning to do another tribute we will open the list for nominations on there and would be happy to remember Ian


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