Regional Practices

Regional Practices are a great way to not only improve the quality of the sound of the band – they are a fabulous way for band members to get to know each other and have fun




Practices have been taking place for many months, from one end of the country to the other.Small groups of musicians have been working on their technique in a variety of places from the Borders to Ross-shire, Edinburgh to Glasgow and all the bits inbetween





They’ve met in rugby clubs, shops, kitchens and at stables among other places – anywhere with the space that doesnt mind a bit of noise. Sometimes its possible to get the pipes and drums going, sometimes it has to be practice mats and chanters. Sometimes there’s a bar open. sometimes its a kettle and cake.





Its not easy to find all this spare time. All the players have lives with other commitments demanding their time. Families, jobs, shift work, not to mention practice sessions with their own pipebands. We are trying to use technology to help. So if a player cant physically make it to a practice they can always join in via Facetime or Skype ! Its not quite the same as being in the room – but its much better than nothing!




We also have our lead piper and lead drummer going live on our facebook groups – instructing, suggesting and answering questions.

Together with our monthly big practices at Blair Drummond, progress is good, the band are improving and making friends for life.

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