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The Band simply couldnt function without our team of band assistants ! While the musicians make all the noise, behind the scenes is a fabulous team of volunteers working tirelessly to make it possible

Their roles are many and vaired, depending on what the band are up to.

At practices they scuttle about in the kitchen, keeping the tea flowing and making breakfast and lunch. They also serve who only stand and washup!

On march days they act as the band stewards – keeping the band safe, carrying whatever is needed, rattling collection buckets, and running our stall and generally making sure all the players have to think about is making beautiful music.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg!  Somebody has to raise funds to keep us marching on the road to independence. Somebody has to drive the van to get all the kit to the right place. Somebody has to arrange, order and process all merchandise orders. There’s the PR, logistics, accounts, bookings, somebody even has to maintain this website !



John McGregor


John is an ex farmer from the Borders and is now semi-retired. He’s still very active in country life and is now involved in renewable energy.

John has been a Hibee since he was a boy (Yes actually he WAS at Hampden in 2016). He also plays a lot of golf.

If that isnt enough to fill his days, he volunteers for mental health charity SAMH/The Changing Room.

John is passionate about Scottish Independence and is using his talents to help the band go from strength to strength.



Jim Edwards

Band Co-Founder / Band Manager 

Jim is 53 and lives in Hamilton

Along with George and Derek Jim started the band.

He is now our band manager.




Lynn Harris


Originally from Ayrshire, Lynn now lives in the Borders.

Lynn is our self professed Dancing Queen and proud mum to Freddie.

She spends her days being greenfingered, she’s a garden designer, a florist and also designs events.

Lynn first met the band on the ferry to Stornaway in April 2019. She had heard that the band were having their first official outing at the Outer Hebrides March for Independence so went along too. She felt so welcome she soon joined us on our March for Independence and joined the band assistants team.



Julie Murray

Lead Band Assistant 

English by birth but Scottish by choice, Julie is the proud mum of 2 of our players. Although unable to carry a tune in a bucket, if she has to be around the band to keep an eye on the kids, she might as well make herself  useful !

She moved to Scotland in 2003 to live in Sutherland with her Scottish husband, where she now runs the family business.

She is passionate about an Independent Scotland so her kids can enjoy the same rights she did – free university education, the freedom to live and work anywhere they choose in Europe, an NHS free at the point of need . She wants Scotlands voice to be heard


Heather Paton

Band Assistant

Heather is in her forties and has lived in North Lanarkshire all her life. She  was dragged into helping the band by a friend.

When she’s not sporting the blue hi-vis jacket she volunteers for an arts therapy group.

Heather has been involved in the grassroots of the Independence movement since 2014 when she joined the Freedom Convoy group.

She supports Independence for Scotland as she wants a better future for both the present and future generations.





Martin McMahon

Band Assistant

Martin was born in North Lanarkshire. His love for Scotland was introduced to him by his loving Mum and dad and the sounds of Sidney Devine singing Scotland forever on an old 45 record.

He has been a rebellious Sovereign Scot since 1979, after finding out 51% was not enough to win Scottish Independence from Westminster

He still lives in North Lanarkshire now a father of two, and has worked for Royal mail for over 30 years.

A keen hill walker who was approaching his 100th Munro when the independence referendum of 2014 paused the Munro count for now.

Martin  was involved in the Freedom Convoy Group before the referendum in 2014 and is still running the original Freedom Convoy plus its newer sister groups Freedom Convieecamp and Freedom convoy media channel. As the Freedom Convoy Group got more and more involved with the band, helping transport band equipment etc. he became a band assistant too.


Jane Cooper Stewart

Band Assistant

Jane was born and raised in Glasgow. she was married at 18 and had two children by the time she was 20.. Her daughter lives near Edinburgh and her son lives in Portland USA.Jane is blessed to have ,5 grandchildren,4 in the USA one in Scotland.

Jane joined the band as the handler to her Great Dane Sheldon when he become the band mascot ,and enjoys promoting the band with him at all the marches and rallies we attend

Jane has been a supporter of Scottish independence since voting for it way back when they changed the winning line in the seventies ,but more active since 2014 when she was devastated at the result. Since then she has attended every rally,march ,demonstration ,and some convoys and bridges.

Scotland is in her blood and she is determined to see it through to independence for her grandsons generation and future generations of wee Scots for a free and better Scotland. Anytime she hears the bagpipes ,it stirs feelings of pride in her country.


Cliff Serbie

Band Assistant

Cliff is originally from Portsmouth. He moved to Scotland in his primary school years and has been here ever since.

He loves the pipes and did try to learn to play when he was in the army,but sadly his fingers are a pound o mince (his words not mine).

He’s an adamant and passionate Yesser and does whatever is needed at any given time to help the band, whether thats stewarding on marches or washing the dishes at practices. Whatever he’s doing you can be sure there’ll be a big smile on his face !

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