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As you can probably imagine it’s not easy getting the full band together to practice. We have managed a monthly meet up so far. As we get to know each other there is more car sharing, more lifts from railway stations and much more laughter. 

The band travel from all over – from Belgium to Sutherland and all places inbetween. They descend on a sleepy community hall in Blair Drummond and work their socks off all day to try and get the quality of sound we need.

Tuning up is a noisy affair but the new matching chanters have made a huge difference to the sound of the band




It’s not all work.

As friendships are being built and a feeling of family is growing, there’s always time to celebrate the special things in life.

The lovely Lesley gave up her birthday to spend the day in the kitchen cooking and washing up – that’s dedication and deserved to be recognised with a cake and an impromptu rendition of “Happy Birthday ”  …. no point being in a room full of musicians and not getting somebody to play (on this occasion the job fell to our youngest piper – 15 year old Daniel)

Most of the morning is spent in separate group – pipers on practice chanters and drummers on practice pads -working on the technicalities of sounding good ! As with most bands the rivalry between pipes and drums leads to great banter – probably not helped by the fact our lead piper and lead drummer are actually brothers.

After lunch the full band play together -working their way through the whole repertoire. Fortunately the weather has been kind and they’ve been able to use the hall carpark , which is just as well or we’re going to need to find a bigger hall !

The boring stuff gets done too -committee meetings, full band meetings and discussions, so by the end of the day everybody goes home exhausted but excited for the future.


  1. A fantastic undertaking.
    A fantastic group if people.
    A Noble and Worthy cause.
    God Bless you All.
    Saor Alba a chairde.

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