May 4th – Glasgow

Our first BIG March on the Road to Indpendence


What an amazing day ! The dream finally became a reality.

We’d been building up to this moment for what seems like a very long time – but was in fact a little over 6 months.

We came from all over Scotland (and beyond), some of us arriving the night before, some jumping on Yes busses and getting to the start just in time.


Many players who have been with us on our journey didnt make it on the day for a variety of reasons, from JP being stuck in Belgium unable to get the time off work to travel so soon after the Lewis trip, to poor Tanya with an injured knee and sadly on crutches. Guys you were missed – but I’m sure you marched with us in your hearts and we look forward to you joining us on future marches.

What an honour to march and play at the head of the amazing Indy family – who knows how many people turned up and marched . Who cares exactly how many there were. There were lots!

It was a long march and bits of it weren’t easy – it’s not the easist thing in the world to play and climb some of those hills at the same time

But as always it was fun, it was friendly, it was good humoured and a credit to the movement that as usual there was not a single arrest. So huge thanks to Police Scotland for their gentle hand and good spirits. and to AUOB for their organisation and stewarding on the day.

We are still on a steep learning curve, and took away lots of things we can improve on for next time.

We had far too much “stuff” with us and will need to reduce our luggage before we march again, but a fabulous job from our Band Assistants getting our luggage round the route. A special shout out to Ronald and Martin who did most of the donkey work with a little extra help from Lorna on the steepest bits.



We are sorry that so many people didnt get the chance to hear the band play. Sadly thats always going to be a problem at such a huge event, and was the reason as many as the band as could stayed to play on stage at the end of the rally (sadly some were already on their way home on their busses). We have a solution in mind, and hope that by Edinburgh everybody will hear and see us.



We cant thank you all enough for putting your trust in us, and helping us get to this point.

Without you encouragement and generous financial support we wouldnt be here now, we wouldnt be marching on the road to independence

We will keep working hard behind the scenes (we already have another practice in the diary) and keep trying to improve to give you the best band we can.

Our next event will be Galashiels on 1st June – hope to see as many of you there as possible marching with us

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