Marching from strength to strength

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Its been a very busy summer for the band.

They have been very visual leading the marches in Stornaway, Glasgow, Galasheilds, Oban, Ayr, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, and Perth with Edinburgh still to come,  but behind the scenes even more has been going on.

Its been a summer of additions for us.

We’ve added some fabulous new pipers and drummers. Not all our new players have made their debut yet so look out for new faces in Edinburgh.


This is the lovely Elaine from Aberdeenshire who had her first outing with the band in Ayr.







And Alan who joined us for the first time in Perth -hopefully we’ll get his uniform to him before his next event.









Eoghann made his debut in Ayr and hasnt missed a band event since !







Amy joined us for the first time in Dunfermline








Gordon was our other first timer in Dunfermline.






We’ve been joined by some keen and hardworking new band assistants (they deserve a post of their own, because without them we wouldnt be able to put a band out on the streets) so watch this space for that one !


We’ve had our drums decorated with our logo. We’ve had our stall wrecked by high winds in Dunfermline.




And we’ve been delighted to add the lovely Sheldon as the band mascot.

  1. You do a superb job at the marches. I love it that you are up front letting every spectator know what’s coming.
    A huge well done to you all, front and centre and behind the scenes.

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