Introducing Sheldon

Meet our fabulous Mascot

If you’ve ever been on an Independence march, attended a rally, watched a live stream or looked at the pictures of any Indy event on line the chances are you recognise Sheldon!



This big beautiful proud Indydug was born in Edinburgh on 5th June 2015 – with a Scottish mum and German dad he’s typical of the wonderful mix that makes our country so special.




As soon as he had all his jabs (at about 12 week old) Sheldon attended his first Highland Show. That was the first time he’s heard the skirl of the pipes. From then on, whenever he heard them on the TV at home he would sit up and watch. Perfect puppy training to become the mascot of Saor Alba Pipes and Drums .




He had a busy early couple of years. At 6 months old he qualified for Crufts and proudly represented Scotland in the show ring.

Then at a year old he was introduced to the limelight appearing in series 7 of the popular TV series Still Game.

He’s even sired a litter of 12 beautiful puppies

Not surprisingly his first outfit was a flag !





Since then he has been busy helping his lovely mum Jane campaign for Scottish Independence. Being an Indydug he’s attended marches and rallies. He’s been on Freedom Convoys and camps. He’s been seen at commemorations and demonstrations and made friends everywhere he went. His photo has appeared in The National.  People are drawn to this charismatic dog and he loves the attention.




Although he’s kept very busy being an Indydug, off duty he’s still just a big puppy at heart and loves playing on beaches, in parks and meeting people






We’re very proud to announce that he has agreed to become the band’s mascot and whenever possible he will be front and centre leading us as we keep marching on the road to independence.




Check out all his pictures in our photo  gallery

  1. Everyone loves your Sheldon Jane. He is so cuddly. He is gentle to.
    He is the best Mascot the indy marches could hope for.
    Cuddles for Sheldon.

    Your friend Conrad.

  2. Great softy. He is a delight to the kids and such a good natured dug. He one o the family.
    Sheldon yer a cracking laddie.

  3. Please get it right Conrad. Sheldon is a lovely dog and mascot of the Saor Alba Pipe Band. There are hundreds of fine dogs marching with the Indy rallies and convoys, we’re proud of them all. Plus don’t forget the beautiful Indy camp dogs ( owners Gayle, Dean and Gary) there are several pipers, drummers and I’ve even seen a washboard player, who have been playing alongside the marchers at every rally, don’t discard or minimise their efforts, all play their part 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🐾

  4. Sheldon is friendly, good natured, strong and steadfast, loyal and loving…
    he’s just perfect for the role of independence mascot. Great call Julie xx

  5. congratulations to Sheldon and Jane. I fell in love with Sheldon the first time I saw him, he is just such a beautiful calm happy big indydug. He and Jane will do you proud as they do for all the indy rallies and marches the attend. well done Sheldon and your mammy Jane.xx

  6. My granddaughter Mhairi is a Yesser and great Sheldon fan. She would like to know what breed he is? Many Thanks


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