In the beginning …..

Why don’t we have a pipe band ? – they said
We want a pipe band ! – they said
Are pipe bands anti indy ? they asked

The truth is that it takes a huge amount of time, work, dedication, organization and (yes lets say it) money to form and run a pipeband. It’s not something you can knock up on the kitchen table on a wet Wednesday afternoon. But quietly behind the scenes a bunch of passionate Indy supporters have been beavering away making it happen.

After a facebook plea for musicians a load of players took the leap of faith and turned up in Edinburgh 2018 for a wee “lets see what happens” day out. A load of players who had never even met each other before, let alone played together. But they gave it a go . Yes it was good. But not a good as it could be. Will be.

So Game on. We’re really doing this.

Work has been going on behind the scenes for months. Players have been selected (after spending hours home alone practicing, learning the repertoire, sending in videos, skyping). They’ve been quietly traveling to regional practices.

They’ve been to big national practices (it’s a tough job getting players from all over Scotland and beyond to a central point. It takes lots of days booked off from work. It takes planes, trains and automobiles. It takes a big hall, a huge teapot and understanding neighbours. They’ve had their instruments issued and been measured for their uniforms

So here we are – a few weeks off our first big event . Not just any road trip – lets make it really complicated and add in the need for ferries, mini busses, accommodation. Lets go join forces with Outer Hebrides for Independence and support the first ever Indy march on the beautiful island of Lewis.

But the musicians are only part of the picture (OK the very noisy visible part ). But its not enough to have them alone. They need support. A lot of support. Tasks ranging from liasing with event organizers, raising funds, booking halls and transport, sourcing equipment, transporting the drums, making the lunch, to running our social media accounts – the list is endless. Imagine a beautiful swan effortlessly gliding across the surface of a loch – that doesn’t happen without the frantic non stop paddling under the water.

So who are all these people working so hard to give the Indy movement their much longed for pipe band?

We are from all parts of Scotland. From the Counties of Sutherland, Ross-shire, Morayshire, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Perthshire, Fife, Falkirk, Lothians ( West, East & Mid ) Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Argyll & Bute, Hebrides and including players from Suffolk, & Belgium.

From Business professionals, to Care workers, The NHS, All the Trades, IT Management, Estate Management, Delivery drivers, Retail, Police, Fire Services, Communications, Education, Driving professionals, Offshore workers, Agriculture, Musicians, Sports Management, Charity involvement, school kids, Self employed, Retired, & including disabled.

In short – we are you

We’re planning on giving you not just a band – we’re planning on giving you a great band.

We hope you’ll be marching with us on the road to Independence – starting in Lewis, but coming to an event near you soon !

The pressure is on – counting down the days

  1. What can I say, let’s start by saying a massive thank you and well done to Julie and Scott for the amazing web site they have created for this amazing band.
    It’s been the missing link to complete the chain that’s been the forming of Scotland First National Pipe Band and the Pipe Band for the Independence Movement.
    I would also like to thank every member, piper, drummer and assistants for all their hard work.
    Hae a guid day tomorrow at Galashiels, your doing great work.

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