The Big One

AUOB March Edinburgh – 5th October 2019

Well that was a day that will go down in the history books!  Over 200,000 people took to the streets of our capital city to show that there is indeed an appetite for Scottish Independence.

Old folk, youngsters, less mobile folk , kids, dogs, families  – you name it and they were there. And we’re very proud to say so were we.

We put out our biggest band to date – 23 pipers and 16 drummers all proudly wearing their blue bonnets and leading the march through the streets.

What you may not have noticed in the excitement is that we also had 23 none playing members, 3 kids and a dog on the team  all doing their own  special job to make sure everything ran smoothly. Support vehicle drivers, stewards, the dream team on the stall, etc without whom it wouldnt be possible.


Those who were able to get to Edinburgh early gathered at the Meadows and travelled together on a band bus to Holyrood for the start. Those who couldnt make it that early met them at the start – lets face it even in a crowd that big they are not that difficult to find !


We did something which was very special for some of us. In a break with Pipe band tradition, we put all our lady pipers in the front rank for the march (although some of you could be forgiven  for not noticing as they chose to wear fake beards). It may not seem like a big deal but it meant a lot to some of our female members.



Words cant really describe the day adequately – the noise, the people, the buzz of excitement, the rain, the hope ….

But as always we have a huge photographic record of our day that you can browse in our Gallery at

Marching from strength to strength

Its been a very busy summer for the band.

They have been very visual leading the marches in Stornaway, Glasgow, Galasheilds, Oban, Ayr, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, and Perth with Edinburgh still to come,  but behind the scenes even more has been going on.

Its been a summer of additions for us.

We’ve added some fabulous new pipers and drummers. Not all our new players have made their debut yet so look out for new faces in Edinburgh.


This is the lovely Elaine from Aberdeenshire who had her first outing with the band in Ayr.







And Alan who joined us for the first time in Perth -hopefully we’ll get his uniform to him before his next event.









Eoghann made his debut in Ayr and hasnt missed a band event since !







Amy joined us for the first time in Dunfermline








Gordon was our other first timer in Dunfermline.






We’ve been joined by some keen and hardworking new band assistants (they deserve a post of their own, because without them we wouldnt be able to put a band out on the streets) so watch this space for that one !


We’ve had our drums decorated with our logo. We’ve had our stall wrecked by high winds in Dunfermline.




And we’ve been delighted to add the lovely Sheldon as the band mascot.

Want to earn your own Blue Bonnet ?

Want to earn your own Blue Bonnet ?

We currently have a few spaces for pipers, snare drummers and tenor drummers to join the band.

What was once a group of strangers with a shared dream is now a family. Friends have been made for life. But we can still grow and are ready to welcome new members into the band.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is there an age limit to join the band ?

No. As long as you can play you can join the band. We currently have people of every age in the band from school kids to too old to admit

2. Where are practices held ?

We have our National Practices in Blair Drummond. Regional practices take place all over Scotland – so there will be one near you.

3. Do I have to commit to Every event ?

No. We understand all band members have busy lives. We ask that you commit to as many events as possible, and as many practices as possible but nobody is expected to attend everything.

4. I don’t play an instrument yet – do the band provide lessons ?

Sadly not. Due to the geographical spread of all the band members we are unable to offer lessons at this time

5. What equipment does the band provide for pipers ?

The band provide the cherished blue bonnet, the waistcoat, a pipe chanter, chanter reed, reed protector and a flag for your drones. Just as important though, help, support, advice and friendship, and the chance to March on the road to Independence.

6. What do pipers need to provide for themselves ?

Your own set of pipes, your own practice chanter, your kilt, ghillie shirt, belt, sporran, socks, flashes, shoes and cape. A willing attitude and a sense of humour.

7. What equipment does the band provide for drummers ?

The band provide the cherished blue bonnet, the waistcoat, the drum and harness. Just as important though, help, support, advice and friendship, and the chance to March on the road to Independence.

8. What do drummers need to provide for themselves ?

Your own drum sticks and practice pad,  your kilt, ghillie shirt, belt, sporran, socks, flashes, shoes and cape. A willing attitude and a sense of humour.

9. I have a disability – can I still join ?

Yes, yes yes.  We will do everything we can to accommodate any disability. Whether you need somebody to push your wheelchair or any other help we will find ways to help and support you

10. Am I good enough ?

We are not a competition band and don’t ever intend to be. We are an open inclusive band and have players of a variety of abilities. Yes we need players to reach a minimum standard and will work with them to help them improve, but we don’t expect Grade 1. We are just as interested in your personality, your willingness to fit in and your hunger for independence

11. How do I apply ?

In the first instance use the contact us button and we’ll take it from there. You will be asked to submit a short video of yourself playing – nothing too serious (30 seconds on your phone will be fine).

If you would like to join us or just find out more information please get in touch.

A day out in the Borders

The first ever March for Independence in the Borders was a great day out for the band.

We would like to thank the people of Gala and surrounding area for making us feel so welcome as we went for a wee wander with a few thousand friends round their town on June 1st.

Although we have a lot of band members who are local to the area, for some of us it was our first visit to The Borders – and it didn’t disappoint.

The sun shone, the flags flew, the crowds gathered and as always on an Indy March everybody smiled – what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We cant tell you how much your support means to us and how much fun we have. In fact many of the band made a weekend of it – staying locally on Friday and/or Saturday night.




Our pipers, as always, being at the front end up in all the photos – and a fine looking bunch they are …..











But lets not forget our fabulous drum corps, often hidden away at the back, without whom it wouldn’t be much of a band.




It was another big first for us. We had our first ever stall at the rally.  As we keep saying keeping a pipe band going is an expensive affair,  and in our efforts to become totally self financing we need to find ways to raise money.


The stall was a resounding success – largely due to our dedicated team who worked so hard manning it. It was a steep learning curve and we plan to come back bigger and better at future marches!  Look out for new products being added to our range !



With more marches under out belts we all seem to bump into people we know at every outing now – turning Scotland into a huge village. Our next outing will be on 15th June when we will be Marching for Independence in Oban – we’re certainly getting to see parts of our beautiful country that we might not otherwise visit ! We hope to see thousands of your there.





The Pipe band of the Scottish Independence Yes Movement

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