Saor Alba Pipes and Drums

The Grassroots Yes movement are badly in need of a Pipe Band! , not our words, that of thousands who attend marches and event for Independence.

A small group of dedicated Independence supporters got together recently to discuss this very issue and at the end of a week of discussions and Facebook chat. Over 80 musicians have come forward from every corner of Scotland (and beyond) and together we threw some ideas around, chatted loads and discussed the finer details of a Pipe Band. The result of all that, and the fantastic musicians who have shown their support, was the formation of Saor Alba Pipes & Drums.

The band will strive to play at any Independence event we are asked to attend, and will make appearances at all of the large marches, with the march organisers consent of course.

Thanks to generous support for our Crowdfunder and a much appreciated grant from  the Scottish Independence Foundation we also managed to purchase equipment, like drums, harnesses, drum skins, chanters reeds, and hold some national practices.

We hope to expand the band further and hopefully when other musicians hear about this very exciting project for the Yes Movement, they will come and join us on the march for independence.

Some Independence supporters put it together! We kindly ask the Independence movement throughout Scotland to  support our project and help us keep the first ever, Scottish wide independence supporting pipe band, Saor Alba Pipes & Drums marching on the road to Independence

The Pipe band of the Scottish Independence Yes Movement

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