A Big Year Ahead

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Happy 2020 – bring on Indyref2020

Hope Santa was good to you all and you’ve started 2020 with renewed vigour to march with us on the road to independence.

Our online shop is now fully back up and running and the first orders of the year have been posted !

On Saturday we will join thousands (hopefully hundreds of thousands) at the Mega March in Glasgow. If the weather forecast is right , expect lots of black capes as like everybody else we try and keep warm and dry .. good job our trademark blue bonnets are waterproof !

We are currently collecting names of loved ones who didnt live to see our beautiful country regain her freedom. Our plan is to read out their names and play a tune in their memory before the march. We know they march with us in spirit.

We are delighted to confirm that we will also be putting out a band for the Inverness March on the 25th January. Bearing in mind its January, so most people are finding it tough to get to payday, its only 2 weeks after the Glasgow March,its the middle of winter and its way up in the Highlands, we will not be attending in the numbers you may be used to at the big city marches – not because we dont want to, but because of a diary clash with Burns Night …there’s a lot of Burns Suppers that had booked their pipers well in advance making it impossible for some of our members to get up to Inverness and back in time to pipe in their respective Haggis. But we are none the less thrilled to be supporting this grass roots march and fully support the local team making it happen. If you have no other plans, please consider supporting this event, make a weekend of it – Inverness is a fabulous city with loads to see and do, you could even add in a visit to Culloden Battlefield !

Time to get those boots back on and start Marching on the Road to Independence


  1. Looking forward to supporting this march in Inverness.
    See you all there.

  2. Hope to get up to an event in Inverness in the future – I’ve good friends in Munlochy and have been offered boarding for a bottle of malt!

  3. Hope to be there also. Dependant on my fathers health. Hope it is as good as it was last year. What a buzz it was.


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